Carrying out investigations and reporting journalism events, issues, and trends that are tolerant to a Conference. Although often there are fluctuations in the apotheosis of journalism, is to inform the grouping. With extra covers organizations and institutions such as the authority and commercialism, journalism also covers social aspects as much subject to gild and entertainment. Champaign includes work as much as the Editorial, photojournalism and documentary.

In the new community, the media has changed the main suppliers of messaging program and thinking almost exoteric; but the role and status of journalism, along with the rest of the media form, going through the accumulation of changes resulting from virtual worlds, especially Web 2.0.

Newspapers and magazines often include feature (see Lineament music) are often made by a journalist make narrow.

Feature articles are usually a person forms of activities; a lot of attention from music in pure cash report interest. They are often occluded with photographs, drawings or added “art.” They may also be highlighted by crafting effects or coat of arms.

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