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The art/science of managing people on a project environment is one of the most important aspects of project management. The project team quality is as good as the quality of the actions of the individual team members, in the sense that if you have low quality team members you’ll never accomplish a high performance team but if you have it than it’s easier to build a good team (but not guaranteed).
This leads me to the topic of individual motivation and behaviour. The individual behaviour of each team member is crucial for having good team dynamics. A thing that I call work ethics is central to the concept of individual improvement and team building.
I define work ethics as the basic behaviours that you are counting on that each individual will use to help him to produce the results that are expected. I’ll count behaviours like “if you can do it now don’t leave it for later” (proactive), “if you can’t comply warn the appropriate team members”, “ask for clarification whenever you feel you needed”, “if you have something in your mind tell it”…
These behaviours are not trained in schools (at least not in Portugal) and usually only more senior personal is capable of presenting this kind of behaviour consistently.
In this environments the project team but especial the organization must play a key role in shaping and helping to adapt the team members to the organizations work ethics to sustain a good work environment while increasing its efficiency.
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