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To maximize your benefits and get the most out of Groupon and its deals, simply learn the following 10 rules and abide by them so that you do not ruin your experience and most importantly refrain from wasting your money!
For example, a couple of weeks ago, Groupon was offering a good deal at a nearby paintball site, one that will save us a big amount of money while I was planning a paintballing party for my kid’s birthday which was nearby! Before we bought the discount coupon, however, we not only read the details of the agreement, but we also called the establishment to make sure we were reading the details of the agreement correctly.
When people who opt for such discount deals and do not go through the details of that particular deal than they tend to get into problems. ABC Action News in Tampa, Florida, interviewed some people (who used the deals to acquire some product or service) who were not happy with the restrictions placed on Groupons they had bought.
After being heavily involved in the usage of deals offered by Groupon for more than a year now, I’ve come up with some rules that coupon buyers should follow to avoid the (instances of losing wealth, reputation, etc./things that ruin things) that both the person (who uses a product or service) and the business can experience.
Between reading and buying the deal wait a few hours as the odds are that you might get the deals forwarded to your inbox as the first thing in the morning. Probably three-quarters of the email that arrives between when I go to bed and wake up are from deal sites. Usually, you have a whole day to (instance of buying something for money) the deal. Unless there are limited amounts of a deal that’s for something you already meant on buying, relax. Give yourself time to decide if you want it.
Go through all of the details mentioned in the agreement without skipping even an inch.
Some of the deals have a minute expiry while some of them do not expire at all hence, duly note and consider all of the expiry dates with utmost concentration! If you are ambiguous about the usage of any deal before it expires than simply do not buy it.
Call the creation of/the beginning of the existence offering the deal if you have added more questions. For instance, I had queries regarding age limitations and the allowance to bring our own paintballs when I purchased the paintball coupon. By calling, I came to know the viability of the deal that whether it will suit me or not!
If you feel to acquire a deal to some restaurant or other place while having someone by your side to accompany you than check with that person first and make reassurance about his or her availability otherwise, the coupon will go for waste and so will your money.
Honor the details and limitations that were placed on the deal before you buy it. If you did not read the details of the agreement, than it is your fault.
When using a restaurant deal coupon, always tip on the amount the meal would have been before the coupon was applied. Your server shouldn’t get the shaft just because you got a deal. In fact, I often tip a little extra when using a coupon because I got such a good deal, but that’s not necessary.
Call ahead if you have questions about using the coupon with other discounts. For example, if you come across some social media outlet that shows the same restaurant for which you have a coupon offering a one – night – only price fixed menu, you’ll want to check if they’ll accept the coupon that night.
Have some patience as a small business or a restaurant simply might not have figured out the attack of business that the deal coupon has brought in.
Think about the money you have spent and hence use the coupon before it expires so that the money does not go in vain.

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